Today, you might get the first and last name of your customer if they use a credit card for payment, but do you know how often they visit, or when their birthday is, or how long they stay? What do you know about all those people using your free WiFi? Most free WiFi solutions are fully open, require a long convoluted password that no-one asks for, or capture very basic information about the person connecting such as email (which is most likely not a legitimate email address anyway). With SMART WiFi you get a great deal of information about your customers, and they are more likely to connect because it is available as an open wireless network.

Your dashboard provides a global view of the ROI of your SMART WiFi solution. How many unique guests have used the free WiFi? How long is the average stay for guests using the WiFi, and how much bandwidth are they using? Where are the majority of your guests visiting from, and a ton of other demographics like gender and age. Drill-down into each of these reports to get detailed information and even export data to your favorite format for compiling your own reports.


With SMART WiFi you can increase your customer retention, increase on-site spending, and improve the ROI of your free WiFi solution by automating customer interactions using multiple triggers and integrations. Trigger a Facebook Messenger conversation when a visitor connects to your SMART WiFi. Send a pop-up message for a Yelp! review 30 minutes after a customer disconnects from the network. Email a thank you note for visiting immediately after they disconnect, or send a special Birthday message or coupon a week before their birthday. The possibilities are literally endless with built-in automations, and integration with popular third-party automation engines such as Zapier.