Three Hot Tips to Monetize your Free WiFi

You are offering Free WiFi to your customers, or to draw customers in, but what is the real Return On Investment?  Do you have metrics that tell you how many more customers come because of your free WiFi?  Or how much more time they spend because of your free WiFi?  Are they spending more money because they are spending more time and using your free Internet access?

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Your customers get value, do you?

Often times businesses have a difficult time justifying the cost of providing free Internet access to their customers.  Social Marketing and Revolutionary Technology (SMART) WiFi from NetGnius can help provide the insights you need to justify the existing expense of your Free WiFi or to justify taking on the additional expense.  Plus, you can actually leverage SMART WiFi to drive revenue:

1. Advertise on the access portal

Too many providers call it the captive portal, which is why businesses shy away from leveraging them.  The SMART WiFi portal is an access portal for your customers to access your free WiFi.  The added overhead of providing a secret password for a secure wireless connections impacts the time of your staff, and impacts your customers willingness

to use it.  With advertising on the access portal you want to encourage customers to connect, and it is as easy as clicking a button.  Advertise future specials for your business, or your related businesses.  Or opt-in to the NetGnius SMART Advertising Network and earn revenue per-click advertising other local businesses on your access portal.

2. Market to customers who are already in your brick-and-mortar shop

Whether you are a bar, restaurant, activity center, or retail establishment encouraging customers to spend more money while they are already there provides a real opportunity for capturing ROI from your SMART WiFi.

  • Push a coupon for a discounted coffee to a user who has just connected to your free WiFi to ensure they are not just free-loading and taking up space without bringing in revenue.
  • Advertise a flash sale for slow sellers to a customer who has been browsing your store for 30 minutes.
  • Promote a follow-up visit by sending a discount code for the next family jump session when a parent disconnects from your free WiFi.

3. Integrate with loyalty programs to encourage customers to come back

SMART WiFi integrates with your existing loyalty program (or one of our preferred programs if you don’t already offer a loyalty program) to encourage your customers to return for birthdays, to cash in rewards, or to take advantage of specials offered only to loyalty customers by emailing, texting, or messaging your loyal customers when they have a reward available.  This goes beyond the passive loyalty programs that exist today, and even an active marketing program email blasting your customers.  Message them in a timely way through geo-fencing, or in a unique way through Messenger.

Contact NetGnius for more ways we can help you realize a significant return from your existing, or our installed preferred, free WiFi solution.