With Super Bowl LII right around the corner, how timely is this article on the NFL, WiFi, and WiFi analytics.  The proof is in the dairy-free pudding folks.  In case you weren’t aware, most modern mobile operating systems ship with the default to notify when open WiFi networks are available.  If you are hampering adoption of your free WiFi by putting a password on your guest wireless in your business, your customers, and you, are getting nothing out of it. Get rid of the wireless network password, move to a captive portal with Social WiFi options and expontentially grow your businesses social reach.  In addition, capture WiFi analytics similar to those of the NFL to see what social media apps your customers are using so you can target your marketing spend to the right place, at the right time.  Have you heard of Musical.ly or Anchor?  Maybe putting more money into Twitter isn’t the right move for you, if your customers aren’t even using that platform to communicate about their visit or experience.  Check out this article about the NFL’s use of WiFi to evaluate customer satisfaction, target media spending, and review technology spend in their biggest venues and reach out to NetGnius for help revolutionizing how you leverage your WiFi and Engage your customers.

Putting Together a Winning Game Plan with the NFL