Yes, it is true, Google has finally released an update to its lauded and infamous Google Glass project.  Glass 2.0 is built with the enterprise worker in mind, particularly where hands free access to information creates efficiency and quality.  On the factory floor, this might mean having a running tutorial every time a worker completes a repetitive task, and even flagging them or a supervisor when an assembly error is detected.

On your next doctor visit  you might see Glass EE on the face of the nurse or doctor.  They can leverage glass to reduce office overhead by livestreaming examinations to contracted transcriptions, who might even push relevant information from your case history to the doctor during the examination, freeing them up to concentrate on your needs rather than rifling through your folder.

How might you use Glass EE in your business?  Menu details for wait staff, delivery details for table runners, open table notifications for your hostess?  What about your bartender being able to pull any drink mix card out of thin air?

How about being able to check out warehouse inventory from the sales floor?  Or viewing a customers purchase history while determining how best to handle an escalation.  Integrating Glass EE into your environment to support Social CRM so you can call a customer by name, or provide coffee to that ViP that just walked in, or ask about their cat or dog who was just at your office the previous week.

What about your service business?  Overlays for your technicians working on HVAC systems.  Remote diagnostics and support from senior engineers to your less experienced staff in the field.  Navigation directions for your bicycle-based delivery staff.  You can definitely up your customer service game with the addition of an augmented reality capability, not to mention improving business process efficiency and effectiveness.

The venerable Gary Vaynerchuk talks about consumer AR/VR being on a 20 year timeline before ubiquitous adoption.  I certainly don’t see it landing that far out (look at how quickly the cell phone became the standard vs the landline), but the B2C marketplace is ripe for AR solutions in particular now!