We are excited to announce our new social media capability, NetGnius Engage. NetGnius Engage offers a unique opportunity to turn the customers in your physical establishment into long-term marketing partners and to provide a unique experience to those customers to interact with your business. Customers are clamoring for wireless access in all kinds of establishments, from restaurants, bars and coffee shops, to salons and car repair shops. NetGnius Engage turns the customer using your WiFi into a long-term opportunity to engage.

Why will they use it?

With the pervasiveness of high-speed, high-bandwidth and even unlimited data plans why will your customers use your WiFi connection? NetGnius Engage will develop a campaign to encourage your customers to login to your Social WiFi connection whether it be an immediate discount offering, on-premises game play, or access to customer loyalty programs.

Why do you want them to use it?

NetGnius Engage provides an immediate ability to capture information regarding your on premise customers, and a way to engage with them over the long-term. Customers can opt-in to your Social Media pages, share your business with their friends, and sign-up for loyalty plans. Some clients even use NetGnius Engage to encourage spending while customers are still on premises (drink specials, dessert specials, gaming, etc).

What if they want WiFi but don’t want to Engage?

It is possible for a customer to get WiFi access by providing only their e-mail address. This is much like traditional free wireless access and will allow you to provide the ability for the customer to opt-in to future communications. This will give you a platform to convert the on premise customer to a socially engaged customer in the future.

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